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Welcome to The Wolf Den, the lupus blog that's part informative, part humorous, and all lupus. As you may know, lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects millions of people worldwide. But here at The Wolf Den, we're not going to let lupus get us down. We're going to howl at the moon, chase our tails, and make the most of every day.

So whether you're a lupus warrior, a caregiver, or just someone who wants to learn more about this fascinating and often misunderstood condition, you've come to the right place. We'll cover everything from the latest research and treatments to tips for managing symptoms, coping with flares, and living your best lupus life.

But we'll also have some fun along the way. After all, laughter is the best medicine (except for prednisone, of course). So grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, we won't judge) and join us in The Wolf Den. We promise to keep you informed, entertained, and howling with laughter.

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Lupus 101

Lupus erythematous

what is lupus?

Lupus is a sneaky autoimmune disease where your immune system gets a bit confused and starts attacking your own body instead of protecting it. It can be a real troublemaker, causing inflammation and damage to various organs like the skin, joints, kidneys, and more. It's like having a rebellious immune system that needs a good talking-to.

Symptoms of lupus can range from feeling tired all the time to having achy joints, weird rashes (like a butterfly mask, but not the fun kind), and even hair loss. It's basically a party crasher that likes to mess things up.

Diagnosing lupus can be a puzzle for doctors because it mimics other conditions, but they'll run tests and play detective to figure it out. Treatment involves a mix of medications to calm down the immune system, manage symptoms, and keep things under control. Plus, taking care of yourself by avoiding too much sun and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, with the right management and a pinch of humor, you can show lupus who's boss. Keep fighting the good fight, and don't forget to laugh along the way!

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Symptoms and diagnosis

Symptoms of lupus can vary but often include fatigue, joint pain, skin rashes (like the famous butterfly-shaped rash), fever, sensitivity to sunlight, hair loss, and mouth ulcers. It's like your body's way of throwing a tantrum and causing all sorts of trouble.

Diagnosing lupus can be tricky because it likes to play hide-and-seek with other conditions. Doctors use a combination of symptoms, physical exams, and blood tests to piece together the puzzle. They'll check for specific antibodies and signs of inflammation to confirm if lupus is crashing the party.

Remember, if you're experiencing any of these symptoms, don't be shy—go see a doctor. They'll sort things out and help you on your way to feeling better.

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Couple in Discussion with Doctor in IVF Clinic

lupus warriors, caregivers, and curious readers

Calling all Lupus Warriors, Caregivers, and Curious Readers! Get ready for a lupus-filled ride with a twist of humor!

Lupus Warriors, you're the superheroes battling a misbehaving immune system. You face fatigue, achy joints, and Picasso-worthy rashes. But hey, who needs invisibility when you can rock a butterfly-shaped rash?

Caregivers, you're the MVPs offering support and superhero-themed Band-Aids. You're the sidekicks, always there with a comforting word and a helping hand.

Curious readers, put on your detective hats as we unravel the mystery of lupus. It's like a quirky house guest wreaking havoc on the body. Symptoms are wild party guests—fatigue, joint pain, and rashes stealing the spotlight.

Diagnosing lupus is a puzzle, but doctors play "Guess Who?" with sneaky antibodies and signs of inflammation.

So, let's face lupus with humor. Laugh in the face of adversity and fight like the superheroes you are! Join this lupus adventure armed with knowledge and a smile!

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Living with Lupus

Multiracial Group of People by the Table

Coping mechanisms

  1. Embrace your inner superhero: Become the "Lupus Warrior" and imagine conquering each flare-up with your superpowers.
  2. Lupus-themed puns: Create and share puns related to lupus to lighten the mood.
  3. Laughter therapy: Engage in funny movies, books, or comedy shows to release stress and find temporary escape.
  4. Create a "Lupus Survival Kit": Assemble items that bring you joy or comfort during flare-ups, such as cozy socks, favorite books, funny memes, and stress balls.
  5. Lupus-themed merchandise: Explore or create lupus-related merchandise that showcases humor and strength.
  6. Social media support groups: Join online communities where people with lupus share experiences and find humor in their challenges.

Remember to find coping mechanisms that resonate with you and seek medical advice for managing your condition.

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Pampering myself on weekends.

Lifestyle tips

  1. Embrace "Lupus Chic" fashion: Rock those stylish shades and hats like a celebrity on a secret mission to defeat the sun!
  2. Master the art of the "flare-fighting dance": Bust out your best moves to show those flare-ups who's boss. Lupus may try to bring you down, but you've got the rhythm to beat it!
  3. Take power naps like a pro: Become a certified "professional nap-taker" and show off your skills in the fine art of midday snoozing. It's time to make rest and relaxation an Olympic sport!
  4. Level up with "Wellness Wednesdays": Pamper yourself like royalty on Wednesdays. Bubble baths, face masks, and guilty pleasure TV shows are mandatory. It's self-care with a side of indulgence!
  5. Unleash your inner "Lupus MasterChef": Channel your culinary creativity and whip up delicious, healthy meals fit for a lupus-fighting superstar. It's time to slay in the kitchen, one delicious dish at a time!

Remember, humor can be a great companion on your lupus journey, but always listen to your body and seek professional advice when needed. Keep smiling and showing lupus who's boss!

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Lightbox with motivation words for self care, positive thinking, mental health, emotional wellness

Mental health

  1. Treat your mind like a VIP: Give your mind a treat by indulging in activities that bring you joy, just like treating yourself to a fancy dessert. Your mind deserves some delicious fun!
  2. Schedule worry like a pro: Designate a specific "Worry Time" each day, politely telling worries to come back later when it's their scheduled hour. Who knew worries could be so organized?
  3. Dance your worries away: Have a therapeutic dance session in the privacy of your home. Shake off the stress, bust out silly moves, and imagine your worries dissolving with each twirl. It's time to boogie your way to mental health!
  4. Embrace the title of "Queen/King of Chill": Take breaks from life's chaos and dedicate time to relaxation. Declare yourself the official "Queen" or "King of Chill" and let your highness enjoy some mental vacation.
  5. Fill your laughter prescription: Seek out funny videos, jokes, or comedy shows that tickle your funny bone. Laughter is the best prescription with no side effects except for aching stomach muscles from excessive giggling!

Remember, while humor can bring a smile to your face, it's important to address your mental health seriously too. If you're struggling, seek professional help. Keep laughing and taking care of your mental well-being!

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Lupus and Relationships

Excited african-american family laughing and enjoying the moment

Family and friends

  1. Educate them with "Lupus 101": Turn into a professor and teach your friends and family about lupus in a fun and quirky way. Use props, draw funny diagrams, and sprinkle in some lupus-related jokes. Who knew education could be so entertaining?
  2. Build your "Lupus Support Squad": Recruit loved ones with hilarious code names and a secret handshake. Together, you'll conquer lupus with laughter!
  3. Use the "Lupus Communication Translator": Create a humorous code language to convey your needs and symptoms without sounding too serious. Silly phrases and funny metaphors make communication a breeze.
  4. "Lupus Appreciation Awards": Organize a fun ceremony to recognize your friends and family for their support. Hand out amusing awards like "Most Accommodating Pillow Fluffer" or "Master of Creative Excuses." It's a lighthearted way to express gratitude while bringing a smile to their faces.
  5. Plan "Lupus-themed Game Nights": Modify games with lupus twists or create a lupus trivia challenge. It's a fun way to bond, raise awareness, and have a great time together.

Remember, humor can strengthen relationships, but open communication is crucial. Share your experiences, express your needs, and enjoy laughter as you navigate lupus together!

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Romantic couple

Romantic relationships

  1. Embrace your "Lupus Love Language": Discover funny ways to show love and support, like spontaneous back rubs or a shared appreciation for binge-watching during flare-ups.
  2. Plan "Date Nights with a Lupus Twist": Create humorous date nights, like a "Pillow Fort and Movie Marathon" or a romantic dinner with utensils named after funny lupus references.
  3. Be "Lupus Advocacy Allies": Team up for humorous fundraisers or create funny videos to raise awareness together. Combining humor and love can make a meaningful impact.
  4. Become the "Lupus Superhero Duo": Imagine yourselves as a dynamic duo conquering flare-ups with love and laughter. Design goofy alter egos or matching superhero costumes to embrace your superpowers.
  5. Write "Prescriptions for Romance": Playfully prescribe doses of laughter, silly jokes, cuddle sessions, or surprise dance parties. Love and laughter are the best prescriptions!

Remember, humor can enhance your relationship, but open communication and understanding are crucial too. Embrace the laughter, find joy together, and support each other through the lupus journey with a lighthearted touch.

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Group Support

Support groups

  1. "Lupus Cheer Squad": Form your very own "Lupus Cheer Squad" with fellow partners of lupus warriors. Bring pom-poms, create hilarious cheers, and spread the spirit of support and laughter.
  2. "Flare-up Funnies": Share funny stories or lighthearted moments from the challenges of living with lupus. Laughter can be a powerful bond that brings the group closer together.
  3. "Lupus Meme Masters": Embrace the power of memes to find humor in the ups and downs of lupus. Share and create lupus-themed memes that bring smiles and laughter to the support group.
  4. "Lupus Bingo Night": Organize a humorous version of bingo night with lupus-related challenges or experiences. It's a fun way to connect, share stories, and check off squares with a dose of laughter.
  5. "Lupus Superlatives": Give out amusing awards like "Most Creative Flare-up Survival Kit" or "Master of Lupus Jokes." Celebrate the unique qualities and humor within the support group.

Remember, while humor can bring levity to support groups, it's important to create a safe and understanding space for everyone involved. Share experiences, offer support, and sprinkle some laughter along the way. Together, you can navigate the challenges of lupus relationships with a smile on your faces.

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Lupus and Work

woman hand using computer ergonomic mouse, prevention wrist pain

Accommodations in the workplace

  1. Flexi-Time Fiesta: Dance your way into work with flexible start and end times, so you can tackle that morning stiffness like a boss.
  2. Pajama Party Telecommute: Swap the office attire for cozy PJs and conquer your to-do list from the comfort of your lupus-friendly nest.
  3. Climate Control Superpowers: Say goodbye to the temperature tug-of-war and gain control over your workspace thermostat. Hot flashes or chilly spells, you're in charge!
  4. "Takin' a Break" Jam Sessions: Take those much-needed breaks to recharge your lupus batteries and belt out a lupus anthem or two. It's your personal mini-concert!
  5. Marvelous Ergo Gear: Supercharge your lupus-defying abilities with ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and gadgets that make flare-ups tremble in fear.
  6. Doc's Appointment VIP Pass: No more stressing about medical appointments—get the green light to attend without penalty. It's your backstage pass to health!
  7. Wheelchair Ramps to Stardom: Make your workplace accessible and prove that ramps are the new red carpets for lupus warriors. Show off your moves!
  8. Knowledge is Power Hour: Teach your coworkers about lupus with fun lunch-and-learn sessions and watch their jaws drop at your superhero-level resilience.

Remember, these accommodations may vary depending on your specific needs and the nature of your job. So, grab your lupus cape and negotiate the accommodations that help you conquer the workplace like the lupus-fighting hero you are!

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Student Watching Online Education Webinar on Laptop

Career options

  1. Lupus-Savvy Superhero: Become a patient advocate or counselor, using your firsthand experience to guide and support fellow warriors through their lupus journey. Capes optional!
  2. Mighty Flexible Freelancer: Embrace the freedom of freelance work, where you can set your own schedule, take breaks when needed, and conquer projects from the comfort of your lupus-friendly sanctuary.
  3. Work-from-Anywhere Wizard: Dive into the digital world as a remote worker, transforming coffee shops, cozy corners, or even your favorite pajama-clad couch into your personal lupus-friendly office.
  4. Empathetic Artist: Express your creativity through art therapy or as a professional artist, turning pain into beautiful masterpieces that inspire others and raise awareness about lupus.
  5. Virtual Support Sidekick: Offer virtual administrative or customer support services, where you can assist businesses and individuals while managing your lupus symptoms from the comfort of your lupus-friendly lair.
  6. Adaptive Entrepreneur: Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and start a business that caters to the needs of lupus warriors, from adaptive fashion to lupus-friendly meal delivery services. Your lupus-powered business empire awaits!
  7. Lupus-Smart Educator: Inspire young minds as a teacher or educator, using your unique perspective to instill empathy, understanding, and awareness about lupus in the next generation.

Remember, these are just a few lupus-powered career options to get your superhero brain buzzing. Find what resonates with you, embrace your strengths, and show the world that lupus won't hold you back from achieving greatness!

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Advocate word written on wood block. Wooden ABc


  1. Superhero Social Media: Spread lupus awareness with hilarious videos, memes, and catchy hashtags. Time to go viral and show lupus who's boss!
  2. Fundraising Funatics: Host lupus-friendly bake-offs or talent shows to raise money. Let's whip up treats and whip lupus into shape!
  3. Fashionista Fighter: Collaborate with designers for stylish lupus-themed apparel. We'll rock our warrior fashion and turn heads for a lupus-free world!
  4. Cheerleading Champions: Start a support group or online community to cheer each other on. We'll be the pom-pom-waving squad of lupus triumph!
  5. Petition Power: Gather signatures to urge policymakers for lupus research and healthcare access. We'll gather support faster than lupus can say "ouch!"
  6. Lupus Ambassador Abroad: Travel the world, representing lupus warriors at international conferences and events. We'll make sure the world hears our lupus battle cry, one country at a time!
  7. Educational Extraordinaire: Visit schools and universities to educate students about lupus, using fun props and interactive games. We'll teach them that lupus is no match for our knowledge!

Remember, advocacy can be fun, empowering, and make a real impact. Let's show lupus that we're unstoppable, one funny and fierce step at a time!

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Lupus and Fun

Travel vacation concept

Travel tips

  1. SPF: Sunscreen & Super Protective Fabrics! Pack your SPF-infused clothing, hats, and sunglasses, so you can shield yourself from the sun like a trendy ninja.
  2. Medication Mastermind: Carry extra medication in a fashionable pill organizer & make sure to have prescriptions handy. No flare-up can catch us off guard!
  3. Comfortable Castle: Upgrade to first-class comfort or bring a fluffy travel pillow for those cozy naps. Let's conquer the skies like the lupus royalty we are!
  4. Adventure Insurance: Don't forget travel insurance to keep worries at bay. We'll be the daredevils of exploration, protected and ready for anything!
  5. Mini First-Aid Arsenal: Pack a travel-sized first-aid kit with essentials like band-aids, pain relievers, and soothing creams. Lupus won't rain on our parade!
  6. Pace Yourself Pro: Embrace the power of pacing and plan rest days to recharge. We'll conquer the world, one well-rested step at a time!
  7. Locals as Allies: Connect with locals or travel forums for lupus-friendly recommendations. They'll be our lupus-savvy guides to hidden gems and safe havens.
  8. Flexibility Flexin': Embrace the unexpected and have a flexible itinerary to accommodate lupus's whims. Who knows? We might stumble upon amazing adventures along the way!

Remember, travel with a sense of humor, adaptability, and a sprinkle of self-care. Lupus won't stop us from exploring the world and collecting unforgettable memories along the way!

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what your hobby

Hobbies and interests

  1. Netflix Ninja: Master the art of binge-watching with an impressive collection of cozy blankets and a never-ending supply of snacks. Lupus flare? More like Netflix flare!
  2. Coloring Connoisseur: Channel your inner artist with adult coloring books. Unleash vibrant hues while showing lupus that it can't dim your creative spirit!
  3. Puzzle Wizardry: Conquer puzzles of all shapes and sizes, from jigsaw to brain teasers. Lupus may be puzzling, but you'll show it who's the real mastermind!
  4. Dance Fever: Groove to your favorite tunes from the comfort of your living room. Lupus may try to slow you down, but it can't stop your dancing spirit!
  5. Recipe Renegade: Experiment with lupus-friendly recipes and become a master chef in your own kitchen. Lupus may have its challenges, but you'll serve up delicious victories!
  6. Plant Parenting Pro: Embrace the green thumb life with indoor plants. Show lupus that you can nurture life and watch it flourish, just like your resilience!
  7. DIY Diva: Unleash your creativity with DIY projects, from jewelry-making to home decor. Lupus can't dull your crafting skills, so let's get our DIY on!
  8. Karaoke Queen/King: Belt out your favorite tunes in the privacy of your own home. Lupus won't be able to resist joining the karaoke party!
  9. Bookworm Extraordinaire: Dive into captivating novels or explore new worlds through the power of books. Lupus may be a villain, but you'll find solace in literary adventures!

Remember, hobbies are a source of joy, escape, and self-expression. Embrace the laughter, fun, and fulfillment that hobbies bring, showing lupus that it won't dampen your spirits!

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Movie Theater Popcorn

Lupus-friendly events

  1. Lupuslympics: Compete in low-impact activities like spoon races and invisible hurdles. Lupus won't stand a chance against our sporting spirit!
  2. Zumba-Zeal Party: Shake those hips and dance away the lupus blues with a lupus-friendly Zumba extravaganza. Lupus can't resist our moves!
  3. Picnic in Style: Enjoy a lupus-friendly outdoor feast with delicious, anti-inflammatory snacks. Lupus won't spoil our picnic fun!
  4. Comedy Fiesta: Laugh your lupus off at a hilarious comedy night. Lupus may make us chuckle, but we'll have the last laugh!
  5. Crafty Craze Fest: Show off your artistic talents at a lupus-friendly craft fair. Lupus won't dampen our creative spark!
  6. Movie Marathon Madness: Snuggle up for a lupus-friendly movie marathon with popcorn and good company. Lupus can't interrupt our cinematic bliss!
  7. Pamper Party Time: Indulge in a day of self-care with massages, facials, and relaxation. Lupus won't ruin our pampering extravaganza!
  8. Art Therapy Soiree: Express yourself through art at a lupus-friendly painting workshop. Lupus can't dim our artistic brilliance!
  9. Fashion Show Frenzy: Strut your stuff on the lupus-friendly runway, showcasing adaptive and stylish fashion. Lupus won't cramp our fashion-forward style!
  10. Rockin' Concert Bash: Jam out at a lupus-friendly concert with local bands. Lupus may try to silence us, but we'll rock on with our lupus anthem!

Let's create unforgettable moments and show lupus that we can live life to the fullest, one fun-filled event at a time!

Strong woman flexing her arms.

Lupus may try to knock me down, but I'll rise up stronger each time. I won't let it dim my light or dampen my dreams. I am a lupus warrior, and I won't back down.

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